• What is NetSuite

    NetSuite is one the world’s top ranked business management solution on cloud having CRM, ERP and E-Commerce on a single platform, the recent shift from on premise to cloud have attracted many companies to consider moving to cloud. To facilitate their understanding and initial assessment process Maxcon has summarized most popular questions asked by their prospects in the introduction meeting.

  • Pricing/Billing and Organization

  • Where is NetSuite based in Middle East region

    NetSuite is headquartered in San Mateo in US having its regional offices worldwide. UK office is the regional headquarter for Europe, Middle East and Africa and deals with customers through channel partners. There are not exclusive partners for Middle East however we at Maxcon takes pride to be one of the leading partners having strong local presence in the region.

  • How the contract is made with NetSuite or Channel Partner

    There are alteast 2 contract signed for NetSuite 1) License agreement 2) implementation. License agreement is signed directly between NetSuite Inc. and Customers and license fee is paid directly to NetSuite USA. Implementation fee is negotiated with the local partner with a separate contract.

  • What is the minimum and Maximum term for which license can be subscribed and the normal payment terms

    Minimum license term is 1 year and Maximum depends on individual deals, we usually suggest our customer to sign for 3 years to secure the prices and put a max cap of 5-10% for renewal of another 3 years after the initial 3 year period. NetSuite has a fixed policy of annual payment in advance for license fee. Even if you sign for 3 years, payments will be annually in advance.

  • If we sign for 3 years there is a way to terminate in the middle of the agreed term

    NetSuite contracts are irreversible if you sign for term there is no termination possible. However we still insist that customer should sign for 3 years with maximum increase cap to have clear visibility on prices.

  • What is the scheme of NetSuite pricing

    NetSuite has 3 categories of pricing, 1) Small companies – Limited edition Max 10 users 2) Medium companies – Mid Market Edition Max 1,000 users and enterprise edition for large companies Some of the modules such as fixed assets, multi subsidiary and WIP routing are not available in limited edition.

  • What if we start with Limited edition and then users exceed the limit

    NetSuite is absolutely scalable if you need more than 10 users then simply make a request either to NetSuite directly or designated partner and within 48 hours your account will be upgraded with the same interface.

  • Does NetSuite have concurrent users or light users how they are different from normal users

    No Concurrent users, NetSuite have light users which are mainly self service employees. Their usage is limited to expense claim, timesheets, tasks or access to calendars or case management.

  • What is the price to get access for customer and external stakeholders

    NetSuite have standard roles for customers and partner there is no separate price unless you want to subscribe for premium center which has a better interface and functionality.

  • What is the price of NetSuite for Middle East

    NetSuite pricing is based on discount levels and approved exclusively by regional channel management team. Based on our experience the annual subscription of limited edition with 5 users, along with couple of modules will atleast 4K to 5K $ / annum.