Audit and Tax Support

If dealing with demanding auditors and consequently having the signing of accounts being delayed is a constant roadblock, Maxcon can help ease your worries by undertaking your tax audit on your behalf. Our team of experienced professionals, with backgrounds in audit and accounting management, can help extract and rightfully disclose relevant information. This will also help minimize the risk of delayed or qualified reports.


Maxcon can assist you throughout the entire audit and tax process and ensure that the whole task is conducted in a proper manner and that the additionally assessed taxes, interest, and penalties are as low as possible

Maxcon’s audit and tax support services include

  • Review of existing audit findings and resolving the objections

  • Identification, Compilation and Preparationof relevant audit documents.

  • 360 degree coordination with auditors to satisfy all document requirements

  • Work closely with Client to improve processes and tools to achieve strong audit rating in future periods.