Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization (BPO) is the methodology of steadily analyzing transactions within an end-to-end business/operational cycle to improve effectiveness and efficiency that results in positive business impact. Processes within the organizational infrastructure are meant to identifying ways to reduce inefficiencies, eradicate bottlenecks and optimize process flow.

BPO therefore enables organizations to align their business functions around the customer’s need. Additionally, it enables management to remove processes that hinder positive business impact, as well as enhance productivity. Improved ROI, performance, efficient resource utilization and increased visibility is what BPO leverages the organization to achieve.

Why Maxcon?

Maxcon’s atypical and proven BPO services adhere to multiple key methodologies out of which following standardized approach enables us to reach the BPO goal efficiently and much accurately.
In depth study/assessment of the current process cycle:

Before moving on to process improvements, it is critical to understand and analyze the current process life-cycle. Business Process Optimization Objective needs to be clearly known, need to be clearly stated and understood by all interested parties. This initial analysis is essential to set the framework for improvement recommendations.

Our seasoned team is not only trained but have undertook and successfully delivered multiple cross industry and cross division BPO projects. Our team is skilled to follow best practices methodology where identifying the time, costs, departments and individual per function of the process. These are then documented in detail. The individual breakdowns of all the components are then gathered into a comprehensive summary of the process life-cycle with a summation of time, costs and resources. This results in a far and best way to focus towards high impact improvement opportunities.

Evaluation against objectives:

We analyze the current process life-cycle in order to define how improved opportunities/processes would drive future business benefits such as reduced cost / cycle time. We do it at an individual task level and roll it up to the entire fabric of the cycle. Doing so helps define the readiness of the expected return on investment (ROI) improvements should that in turn drives business impact.

Model future state by business value:

We model the future business state by level setting it against the business value that is to be achieved. A gap analysis of the Current As-is process with the Future process allows a phased implementation plan leading to improvement against business values. This helps prioritize the phases accordingly. This is highly quantifiable and naturally adaptable method of getting to higher positive business impact.

Simulation via Use cases:

Our team takes extra care in ensuring effective and accurate application of the proposed optimizations. Hence we define business use cases that are leveraged during the implementation phase until the goal of the BPO exercise is met. This helps state the desired result while allowing flexibility during implementation. This also comes in handy during the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) phase.

Assist change acceptance in workforce:

Maxcon’s seasoned professional are also equipped to educate/train the workforce to be flexible while executing necessary changes in order to realize process improvements. If not done so the value of BPO may be negatively impacted, as embracing change is usually difficult. Gaining buy-in on process improvements is critical and essential for a seamless implementation of the BPO efforts.

Business Process Optimization is know to be an extensive as well as a time-consuming process however the benefits observed in increased efficiency, reduced cost, improved transparency and the delivery of business value justifies the effort. Our proven method has helped many clients maximize their ROI via BPO.

Why BPO?

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