Finance and Corporate Recruitment

The entire recruitment process can often end up being hard and drawn out. Especially when it comes to finance positions, it is pertinent for organizations to be able to hire the right candidate. Having a full recruitment strategy in place can help your organization eliminate any potential risk when making decisions about hiring. After all, a bad hire could end up costing the organization a lot of money.

Our special expertise lies in hiring of following positions/Roles

  • CFO/Director Finance

  • Finance Manager Chief Accountant

  • Senior Accountants

  • Treasury Manager

  • Head of Internal Audit

  • IT Director CIO

  • Project Controllers

  • Commercial Project Managers

Maxcon has the expertise to help your organization source the right candidate at the time you need; our team of consultants will work with companies to identify the resource requirements and to recruit candidates from different parts of the world. This also helps reduce the lead time to engage/deploy by at least 2-3 months as compared to a normal hiring in Middle East.

Maxcon’s services in this area include

  • Face to face assessment ideas + tools for company management

  • Interview Checklist

  • Screening Test

  • Database Talent Pool

  • Orientation and Training