Management Team

  • Andrea Pesenti

    Managing Partner / Director 

    Andrea is the mastermind behind Maxcon unique business and finance solutions for providing value added solutions to organization in Middle East. Andrea holds more than 20 yrs. experience in Finance, ERP implementation and internal control with Alstom Grid (now GE Energy) across Europe, Africa and Middle East.

    Andrea has on his credit turning around finance department of European manufacturing facilities, financial reporting of project driven business units in middle east and deployment of strong internal control processes across 20+ units in Middle east and India. He has been subject matter expert for SAP during his career and managed several SAP deployments and migrations for ERP. Andrea participated in several leadership programs in Europe and Asia during his tenure in Alstom. He is also being awarded best manager for managing top talent during his earlier employment.

    He founded Maxcon with the intention of deploying state of art processes and systems in the Middle East companies. he understands every clients’ varying needs in business processes and consequently identifies potential issues, which leads to perfect solutions tailored to suit the clients.

  • M Usman Siddiqui

    Managing Partner/ Director

    Muhammad Usman Siddiqui has been working for European giants at key positions for more than 15 years. His main expertise lies in the projects, constructions and commercial finance management. M. Siddiqui has worked in the power sector as well to develop strong project controlling infrastructures with Siemens and Alstom. With a very strong hands-on exposure on ERP systems, M. Siddiqui has also been directly involved in several SAP implementations and data migrations. With brilliant skills in project accounting and fundamentals, a strong understanding of the contracting and construction businesses, an expertise in SAP for PS, SD and MM modules as well as the ability to identify gaps in processes and the formalization of policies and guidelines, M. Siddiqui spends his time working with companies in the GCC region towards enhancing the quality of financial reporting, uplifting the quality of their finance teams and optimizing processes in order to achieve financial efficiency.

  • Yahya Siddiqi

    Board Member

    Distinguished leader, innovator and motivator. With over 20 years of experience (in USA) in leading teams to accomplish and exceed (Fortune 500) company goals through people development, executing excellence in operations and motivating teams to not only achieve stretch goals but to keep raising the bar. Mr. Siddiqi has not only been in "C" level corporate positions but has been an entrepreneur as well owning and running 8 different businesses in various industries enabling him to have 360 degree vision that can help a business reach their optimum potential through effective guidance from him. His ability to investigate not just symptoms of an issue but also its root cause, ensure that each and every solution is tailored perfectly to suit the client’s needs and demands for optimum results.