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Over the last two decades businesses have embraced the value of finance leadership to serve its strategy for sustainable growth. CFOs are now gauged as financial business partner than head of accounting operations. Large enterprises invest generously to hire qualified and skilled CFO as they invest in a value. CFO have been major contributor for company growth in many ways


Help in raising funds/capital – Well managed books, finance infrastructure, on time quality financial data, tools, forecasts plays a pivotal role in investor confidence and agreement to invest in business. Either debit or equity CFO is the main driver to make it happen.

Risk & Opportunity Assessment – Business in modern age are impacted by several disruptions, in this regard there is a new strategy that needs proper evaluation. Either it’s a new partner, market, product, division CEO are heavily dependent on CFOs to perform evaluation and R&O assessment.

Process and Policies in absence of well defined and implemented processes and resultant automation companies exposes them to internal control lapses, increased cost of business and poor productivity of employees. CFO plays a driving role to regulate the governance of company by establishing processes.


The value addition of CFO is undoubtedly significant regardless of company size. We understand that mid small companies might be reluctant to invest a fortune in hiring CFO level resource.


Maxcon Consulting senior management team represents on board of several companies in middle east, our CFOs ensure to provide best value to the clients in areas


  • Coaching and mentoring of finance team in particular finance manager uplift.
  • Setting up internal controls for sensitive processes and include automation.
  • Work with CEO to recommend the most suitable business management system.
  • Setting up KPIs, dashboards, monthly reporting and analysis.
  • High standards for accounting and book keeping through clear processes.
  • Engagement of all the department heads with the overall governance culture.


For further enquires please get in touch with our sales team, Maxcon have packages for small to large enterprises and resources that includes CFO, Finance Manager, VAT manager, accountants and remote staff.

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