Shared Services for large Enterprises

Maxcon has developed strong capacity to support the finance efficiency objectives of large-scale enterprises. The experience of its management in handling finance function of fortune 500 companies allows Maxcon to offer state of art solutions and services to companies to achieve finance efficiency through automation and good quality resources at a lower cost.


Businesses in current situation demand a lot more from Finance function while maintaining cost optimization. This calls for an immediate re-structuring or re modelling of finance functions that may include some of the following measures:


  1. Re organizing finance teams with limited on site and relocate book keeping function to low cost location having strong resources.
  2. Automate some transactions using new technologies that includes OCR scanning, auto reconciliations, integrations, auto uploads, supplier self-service and customer payment reminders.
  3. Optimize the use of Enterprise Resource planning and follow industry best practices for maximum utilization.
  4. Setting up digitalized approval of documents to reduce the administrative workload of moving papers and documents.
  5. One time monthly closing of books and presentation of monthly business review to management to have timely decision making.


Maxcon has helped several companies optimize their output from finance functions we can offer several solutions and services to ensure our clients meeting their business objective some of them include


  • Hosting their book keeping operations in remote locations in Pakistan along with video surveillance and customized Service level agreement.
  • Our consultants can conduct a gap assessment exercise on current ERP practices and propose change management to optimize better use of technology to increase finance efficiency.
  • Setting up processes to ensure elimination of redundant and outdated practices and achieve timely and accurate results.
  • BPO for payables, receivables, payroll, reporting, audit and change management functions.


Please get in touch for free gap analysis for your finance function optimization! we shall be pleased to offer tailor made solution according to your specific business pain points and requirements.

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